Just a few recent screenshots of my latest Skyrim character, Genhyvar (a tall nord blonde I tried to make as hot as possible with various mods hehe).  I stumbled upon some great werewolf mods on the Nexus and incorporated several so now I’ve turned her into a werewolf and she likewise infected all her followers.  She now has a pack of 6-7 werewolves and the mayhem they cause is severely good times.  Also she has a nifty wolf companion Amaterasu (based on the Japanese deity). Skyrim, ah yes. —R

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When the studio Ruetemple created a room in a Russian home meant for a young brother and sister, the architects Alexander Kudimov and Daria Butahina didn’t take a conventional approach to the design. The two-storey space, called Interior for Students, needed to be a place for the kids to study, sleep, and hang out with their friends. As a result, the architects built a fixed space for schoolwork and dynamic areas for play, featuring fun details like a mezzanine hammock and a moveable cube.

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Major Study: Monsanto GMO Corn

Monsanto GMO corn can cause damage to liver, kidneys and severe hormonal disruption

Source: The Ecologist, by Oliver Tickell
www.alternet.org, July 9, 2014

"A scientific study that identified serious health impacts on rats fed on Roundup Ready GMO maize has been republished following its controversial retraction under strong commercial pressure. Now regulators must respond and review GMO and agro-chemical licenses, and licensing procedures."

Pay attention to what you put in your mouth is my point of posting this. Read ingredients, research them if you’re not sure what certain chemicals do and don’t be lazy about asking questions and developing a filter for the information you find. Exercise critical thinking. Monsanto has the FDA and probably the USDA in their back pockets (paid off lobbyists) so we have to use our brains and our best judgment for find the healthiest things to eat and feed our families. No one is looking out for us anymore but us. —R

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